Meet Katherine, Our Intern

My name is Katherine, and I’m an intern at The Autism Program at Boston Medical Center. As you may know, April is Autism Awareness Month, and we’ve been working nonstop to get the families we work with all the resources they need so that their children can thrive.

I first got involved with the Autism Program in summer 2012, as part of a week of community service my school, Boston University, does at the beginning of each scholastic year. I participated in a field day for kids with autism that took place at the Boston Common and absolutely loved it. It was by far my favorite activity of the week. I got in touch with the people who had been in charge of the event saying I was interested in being involved throughout the year. Long story short, I got the job!

Although no one in my family has autism, I have been around people with disabilities my entire life. Two of my aunts have cerebral palsy, and my next-door neighbor while I was growing up had Downs Syndrome.

This year, one of my biggest projects has been to create a resource library that doctors at the BMC can pull from. It contains everything from information about potty training to colorful routine boards to help children stay on track. I’ve also compiled a list of the best IPhone, iPad, and Android applications for children with autism and their parents to use. I’ve also had the opportunity to participate in a local parent group in the Boston area to get a better understanding of the needs of parents of children with autism in the area.

In the future, I’m looking forward to continuing to learn more about autism and the new discoveries being made every day about what causes it and how best to treat it. I learned so much during this past year, and I want to find ways of using what I know to help others. The time I’ve spent at the BMC thus far has allowed me to do exactly that. I’m so grateful for the opportunities it has given me.

Katherine Sennott

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